Letterpress Wedding Invitations: Christine + Byron

Christine and Byron are getting married in just a few short weeks and I  had the great joy and honor of working with them on their Letterpress Wedding Invitations.  I had a fantastic time letterpress printing the pieces for her invitation suite and I’m so glad I’m able to share them with you today.  Christine initially contacted me in early January for their October wedding.  She envisioned a very simple design and knew exactly what font she wanted to use.  With that being established, and once I received her preferred wording, we were able to move onto the letterpress printing part of the process fairly quickly.  Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, here are Christine and Byron’s letterpress cards….

Letterpress Wedding Invitations:

Letterpress Cards:

The pieces that were included in her invitation suite are as follows:

  • 1-color Invitation
  • 1-color Reception cards
  • 1-color Rehearsal Dinner cards
  • 1-color RSVP

These were printed with black ink on our C&P.  The cardstock she chose was our Fluorescent White in 110# which I thought was perfect considering we were using black ink.  It really gave it a nice contrast between the ink and color of the paper.  We also printed Thank You notes for Christine and Byron (not pictured).  The font used for their letterpress cards was Carolyna Pro Black.

I sent the invitations shortly after we finished printing them and she sent me an e-mail to confirm they were received safely.

From: Christine Roddy
To: Elma Kosaka

I received the invitations!!  Thank you thank you, they are beautiful!  I really appreciate how wonderful and responsive you were.  You made the process so easy!

Thank you!

Thank you, Christine, for being so wonderful to work with.  I’m beyond excited for you and Byron and your upcoming nuptials.  I remember the few short weeks before my own wedding and remember how exciting it all was.  I bet you’ll make a beautiful bride!  Wishing you a lifetime of happiness, Christine and Byron!

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Letterpress Wedding Invitations: Julie + Ben

With Julie and Ben’s wedding coming up in November, I wanted to take this time to showcase the letterpress wedding invitations we printed for them a few weeks ago.  Julie initially contacted me in July and explained that she was interested in a classic/romantic look with blush and champagne/gold as her colors with blush edge paint.  She wanted to incorporate some flowers to give it kind of a “beachy” feel.  They’re originally from the Midwest, but are getting married here in California at the beautiful The Ritz-Carlton in Laguna Niguel!  Along with her letterpress wedding invitations, the other letterpress cards that were incorporated in her invitation suite were the RSVP, Accommodations, and Events cards.

Letterpress Wedding Invitations:

Letterpress Printing:

Julie and Ben’s letterpress cards were printed on our trusty C&P using our Pearl White cardstock.  The colors we used were gold (absolutely one of our favorites here) and blush that we mixed matching Pantone 698U.  We also provided letterpress printing on the envelopes with their return address printed on the back flap (not pictured for privacy purposes).

I was really pleased with the final product and was ecstatic to send these over to Julie!  Of course, shortly after she received the package, she sent me the most wonderful e-mail!

From: Julie Koo
Sent: Wednesday, September 10, 2014 3:36 PM
To: Elma Kosaka
Subject: THANK YOU!!!

 Hi Elma,

I just came home and received the invitations.  They are AMAZING!!!  I cannot tell you how much I love them, thank you so much for all of your hard work and getting everything together so fast!  I never thought I would be the type of person that would care that much about wedding invitations (I originally thought I was just going to use a template found on one of those invitation websites), but I really enjoyed the process and love the fact that these are original!  

These seriously made my day!  


I really can’t emphasize enough how much I love getting e-mails like this.  I get so excited printing invitations and when the bride gets just as excited as I am over them, makes me smile from ear to ear!  Thank you, Julie, for being so great to work with!  Your special day is coming up and I wish you and Ben all the world’s best!

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Letterpress Invitations: Elaine + Andrew

I am absolutely swooning over these letterpress invitations we printed for Elaine and Andrew for their special day.  Elaine initially contacted me in early May for her September wedding, which is actually happening this weekend!  Such exciting times it must be for these two love birds.  When we started working together, she described the theme of her wedding and the look she wanted for her letterpress invitations.  They were going for a “vintage 1930’s/1940’s with some Hollywood Regency Style mingled with Art Deco” look, as Elaine described in an e-mail.  Her colors were gold and black, which I thought would print so perfectly together on the letterpress cards.  She also sent over some inspirational photos via Pinterest which definitely helped paint a clearer picture of the look she was going for…and from there, we were able to create a custom design for her and her fiance.

Letterpress Invitations:

Elaine and Andrew

Wedding Invitations

letterpress invitations

She was sweet enough to send me a photo of how she put everything together.  Absolutely stunning!

Letterpress Cards:

Elaine and Andrew’s letterpress invitations were printed on our Pearl White cardstock, which I thought was a perfect touch to the vintage look they were going for.  The Pearl White is a soft white which is actually one of our most popular cardstocks!  The invitation was printed on the 220# in an A7 size and the RSVP card was on the 110# in a 4 bar size.

Shortly after I sent the invitations, Elaine sent me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers (totally unexpected and unnecessary, but 100% appreciated)!  I e-mailed her right away thanking her for the thoughtfulness and she responded back with this very sweet e-mail!

Hi Elma,

You are so very welcome. I’m thrilled that the flowers conveyed how much gratitude I have for all the time and work you put in to making my wedding invitation so incredibly special. I realize that I wasn’t exactly the easiest bride in the world to please with all of my changes and concerns about getting things right, moving deadlines etc., and I wanted to make sure you know how appreciative I am that you were so patient and helpful in this process. I think flowers are just one of life’s necessary luxuries and every body deserves to be surprised with a bouquet from time to time! 

I would be be honored to leave a review for you (I had actually made a note to do so, but hadn’t gotten to it yet). The level of personalization and customer service that you show to clients is so incredibly rare, and so refreshing. I also wanted to commend you on the lovely packaging and note that you sent with my invitations – the whole presentation was so lovely, I felt like a kid at Christmas! 🙂

I would be happy to have you post the invitations on your blog! If you like, I can send photos of the completed suite (with the peach pocket parts etc.) – if you prefer to use your own photos of course, that’s fine too!

Thank you again Elma for your help and your wonderful work.


Thank you, Elaine!  Happy wedding!

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Letterpress Wedding Invitations: Nicole + Paul

Nicole and Paul are getting married in September and I was fortunate enough to be able to work with them on their letterpress wedding invitations!  I started working with Nicole back in 2013 on her Letterpress Save the Date cards and continued working with her for her invitations as well.  What a joy it was to be able to follow their journey leading up to this point.  For her letterpress wedding invitations, Nicole wanted to go for a clean and classic look, but wanted a monogram that included a garland to somewhat tie into Paul’s Greek heritage.  I absolutely love the details on their monogram!  Nicole was very sweet and e-mailed me a photo of her whole letterpress wedding invitation suite in its final state.  I thought she did a magnificent job putting it all together with every little detail you can imagine.  I can only imagine what her guests thought when they received them!

The Letterpress Cards

nicole + paul


Nicole and Paul


letterpress wedding invitations

letterpress printing: nicole and paul

Nicole + Paul

letterpress wedding invitations: nicole + paul

Letterpress Printing:

The letterpress cards were printed on our Pearl White Cardstock.  The invitation on the thick 220# and the rest of the suite on our 110#.  These were all printed on my trusty ol’ C&P!  I love that thing!

Shortly after Nicole received her letterpress cards, she e-mailed me and sent a photo (top photo).  I really love seeing it all come together and love these types of e-mails!

From: Nicole

Sent: Tuesday, July 8, 2014 10:26 AM

To: Elma Kosaka

Subject: Our invitations!

 Hi Elma,

I just wanted to let you know we sent out all if our invitations and absolutely love them! We couldn’t be happier with how they came out. We are getting complements from a lot of our guests how beautiful they are!

Thank you so much!

Nicole & Paul

It’s almost wedding time for this lovely couple!  I hope it’ll be everything you wanted and more, Nicole and Paul!  Many blessings and much love to you both!

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Letterpress Wedding Invitations: Tami + Ken

I recently had the great pleasure of working with Tami and Ken on their letterpress wedding invitations.  They are tying the knot next month at the beautiful La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla, California.  Tami also happens to be one of our close friend’s sister and I was more than happy to play a small role in her wedding.  I started working closely with Tami in early January for her August wedding.  We bounced a lot of ideas off each other and tried a few different designs before we settled upon the designs on the cards below.  As far as the color scheme goes, she decided on fuchsia and silver.  She mailed me a fuchsia colored sash that she wanted to incorporate and from that, I was able to match it to create the colors you see on the orchids and details below.  She was sweet enough to send me a photo of how she assembled the pieces together.  I’m absolutely obsessed with the final product.  She did such a great job!

The Letterpress Wedding Invitations:




Letterpress Printing:

The cards were printed on our C&P in our Fluorescent White Cardstock.  The invitations were printed in our thick 220# cardstock while the additional pieces were printed on the 110# cardstock.  I really had a great time printing these cards and I really loved how the fuchsia color printed onto the bright white card.

When Tami e-mailed me the photos, she also sent a sweet thank you note as well:

From: Tami Chheng
Sent: Saturday, June 21, 2014 10:58 PM
To: Elma Kosaka
Subject: Thank you!

Hi Elma,

Thank you for the lovely invitations! I appreciate your time and efforts. They came out beautifully!


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