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Keep Calm and Simply Letterpress

I was just having fun browsing around and randomly bumped into this website for creating Keep Calm posters.  I thought this was pretty cool and made this one below using their poster generator.  Have a fabulous weekend, KEEP CALM and SIMPLY LETTERPRESS.

Keep Calm and Carry On

Keep Calm and Simply Letterpress



We’re back in action!  Well, we have been keeping busy, but with the wedding planning and all, we got a bit behind with updates, but boy do we have a lot coming!  Now that I am officially married (YAY!) I will be updating the blog with all of our recent work.  Thanks for being so patient!  Stay tuned…


Oh no! Our Contact Form wasn’t working!

I wanted to apologize to everyone who sent us an email through our contact form on our website.  Apparently, the emails were being sent to the black hole of the world wide web!  I want to thank Karoline for following up and calling me today for being a poor responder!  lol.  The bug is fixed now so if you did email us through the contact form, please feel free to contact us again and we’ll be sure to respond!  You can always call us, too!  424.888.4990.  Thank you!  Xoxo

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