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Letterpress Wedding Invitations with Purple Edge Paint

Is it just me or is 2013 flying by fast?  Amazing how fast time flies by.  I’m a little bummed that my husband and I don’t have any weddings to attend in 2013.    One year we had 5 weddings to attend all in the same month!  I love weddings!  The food, the atmosphere, an excuse to get dolled up, and seeing another couple celebrate their love.

We worked with Kimberly  back in October of 2012 on her Letterpress Wedding Invitations.  In honor of her upcoming wedding, I wanted to showcase them.    She’s getting married at the Trump National Golf Club which is a beautiful venue located in Los Angeles, California.  My brother-in-law actually got married here back in July of 2007 and this place is just breathtaking!  Her Letterpress Invitations were printed on our thick 220# Fluorescent White cardstock which I  loved because we were able press it pretty deep, showcasing the awesomeness of letterpress!  Not only that, but we were also able to edge paint it with this beautiful purple color which came out so beautifully!

The Invitations

The Edge Paint


Letterpress Invitations: Simply Gold

I am obsessed with printing with our gold ink it appears! I can’t stress enough how much I love printing something so simple, yet timeless. It was quite an interesting story on how I was able to work with Susanna on her wedding invitations a few months ago. Apparently Susanna was looking for Letterpress Wedding Invitations and some how found Simply Letterpressed after a few Google searches. Upon looking through the blog and seeing my name, she connected it back to an old high school friend of hers, who she happened to still be friends with on Facebook. It turns out she was friends with my husband. What a small world, right? They went to high school and college together and she now resides in New York. She e-mailed my husband and he got us in touch. She was such a pleasure to work with and I thoroughly enjoyed working on her Letterpress Invitations suite. It just boggles my mind at times at how small this world can be! Social media, too! What a great way to stay connected to everyone you know!

Her invitations were printed on Crane Lettra 220# in Pearl white and the additional Letterpress Cards were printed on 110# in Pearl White.  I’m also obsessed with edge painting.  It just gives it that extra, subtle, pop of wow.

Simple and Timeless Letterpress Invitations


The Letterpress Wedding Invitation Suite:

You can check out her beautiful wedding photos by the very talented Will Kim here.


Simply Letterpressed Awarded The Knot Best of Wedding 2013!

How exciting! The GREAT news keep on coming! We were awarded The Knot Best of Weddings 2013! And even better, we were told we were voted #1 in our market!

We couldn’t have done it without your help in 2012! THANK YOU!!!

The Knot


Letterpress Wedding Invitations with Gold Ink

Karolina and David tied the knot back in May of this year. I am so glad I was able to take part in their wedding and print their invitations. From one newlywed to another…congrats!

We printed a very elegant 1-color print with Gold Ink for her invitation suite. I love printing with Gold because it’s just not something you work with everyday. Putting it onto the Chandler and Price and watching it ink up was just beautiful! The invitations were printed on the 220# Pearl White cardstock and the additional cards were on the 110# Pearl White.

Did I mention how much I love weddings? Too bad we only have one wedding to attend to this year (besides ours, that is. LOL).  I just love the ambiance of a wedding!  Oh yeah, and the food, too! 😉

letterpress invitation

letterpress invitation

letterpress invitation

letterpress invitation

letterpress invitation

letterpress invitation

letterpress invitation

letterpress invitation


Alyson and Matthew Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Congratulations to the newlyweds, Alyson and Matthew!  They recently tied the knot in June 2012 and I had the pleasure of printing her wedding invitations.  She wanted something simple, yet elegant and was actually a big fan of the design on my business cards (yay!).  I used that as a border for the invitation and it worked out nicely.  Her invitations were printed on our pearl white cardstock in 220# with 2-colors (blind and black).

Cheers to the married life!  XOXO

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