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Michelle & David’s Letterpress Wedding Invitations

I’ve recently worked with Michelle on her wedding invitations and she is such a joy to work with.  She is a freelance designer and had such a beautiful concept of what she wanted her wedding invitations to look like.   I absolutely loved working with her and fell in love with her design.  I love the soft pink (I’m such a sucker for pink) and elegant font.  The whole look (and feel, literally) of the invitations just made me all giddy inside.  I love weddings and stationery!   Oh yeah, and pink!  She opted for the edge paint, which we’ve been doing a lot lately (and I LOVE it).  I think it just topped everything off nicely and just gave it that extra WOW factor.  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.  Did I mention how much I loved printing these?




Letterpress Vintage Telegram Destination Wedding Invitations

I recently had the pleasure of working with Hazel and Roman on their wedding invitations.  They are having a destination wedding in beautiful Hawaii and wanted something to reflect ‘destination’ without it being too ‘cheesy.’  Hazel was really fond of our vintage telegram wedding invitations so she wanted to stick with something similar, but with her own flare.  I am really pleased with the way it turned out!

The invitation was a 2-color print (slate and olive), printed on our 220# Ecru cardstock.  It also has edge painting in the olive color.

Accommodation cards were printed on 110# Ecru, also a 2-color print.  No edge painting.

The post card was a double-sided print with mad libs on the back and post card information on the front.  This was printed on our 110# Ecru cardstock.


Our Wedding

I can’t believe it has already been a week that I’ve been married.  Boy, how time flies!  It feels like just yesterday that we got engaged!  The process was fun and I am beyond happy to be married to the love of my life!  Now that the wedding is done, here is a look at our wedding invitations!  We decided to go with letterpress telegram wedding invitations as mentioned in our sneak peek below.  We got married at The Legendary Park Plaza in Downtown Los Angeles here in California.  It’s an historic landmark and I thought it was only fitting to have letterpress telegram wedding invitations because I felt that the venue had this vintage, “classic Hollywood” feel to it.

Check out our wedding photos here, photographed by the very talented Tony and Amy Hoffer: http://hofferphotography.com/2012/03/28/elma-tets-wedding-in-los-angeles/

The invitations were inspired by the classic Western Union telegram layout.  Our wedding is a union of sort, so I thought it was cool to replace Western with my new last name, Kosaka.  The invitation was 5-color printed on 220# Ecru with pseudo perforations.  Every little details counts, right?  🙂

Along with the invitation, we included a directions card,  an accommodation card, and post card response card wrapped with hemp twine, enclosed in a Kraft envelope which we also letterpressed with our return address.  The additional cards were printed on110# Ecru.

The Direction Card was a 3-color letterpress print.  I love how the compass felt on my fingertips.

The Accommodation Card was a simple 2-color letterpress print.

The response card post card was also a 2-color letterpress print.

I love printing in general, but to print my own wedding invitation was almost surreal.  What an experience this all was.  I’m just glad I’ll be able to do it again and again with every new bride that comes along.  Here’s to the married life!  Cheers!


Mrs. Elma Kosaka


Modern Letterpress Playbill Invitation

In October of 2011, we posted a Free Letterpress Invitation giveaway on www.weddingbee.com. We wanted to get feedback from brides on what they wanted for their stationery needs. Any bride that answered the questionnaire we posted was entered to win 100 1-Color Custom Letterpressed Wedding Invitation. With that said, Laragh was randomly chosen to be our winner and here we are now!
After communicating with Laragh on what style she wanted, we came up with, how we describe as, a “modern playbill letterpress invitation.” She wanted to add a second color and response cards as well.

Letterpress Wedding Invitation

Her invitations were printed on 5”x7” 220# pearl white cardstock.  Response cards were printed on 4.25”x5.5” 110# pearl white cardstock.

She was so thrilled when we sent her photos right after we were done printing.  I love the excitement from happy clients!  Totally makes my day.


Kosaka Letterpress Telegram Wedding Invitation – Sneak Peek!

The big day is almost here…

Here’s a sneak peek of our letterpress telegram wedding invitations printed on our Chandler & Price.


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