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Our Save the Date cards!!!

We just finished printing our Save the Date cards for our upcoming wedding in March 2012!  I am so excited to send these out.  I wanted to include our photo with our Save the Dates because I think it’s more fun to see who you’re saving the date for.  The only problem was, I couldn’t pick just one!  We ended up printing about 6 different versions.  🙂

The images were printed on a Canon i9900 on 300gsm Cotton Rag paper.  We never realized this, but the printer would shift the images by a few points and this wreaked havoc because when we letterpressed the black border, the images were off-centered.  So we had to sort through all the prints by where they were, and continually adjust the registration while we ran it through the letterpress.  We ran the cards through our Chandler & Price Letterpress Machine 3 times; one pass for each color.  We started with the blind impression which actually has transparent white ink for the damask, then the black, then violet.  The process was INTENSE and LONG, but was worth it!

We inkjet printed the addresses on the envelopes.  We actually wanted to letterpress the return address, but I completely forgot to order the letterpress plates for it and it would have cost too much to order just the return address.  So this time when we order the plates for our invitations, I won’t forget to order the return address with it.

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