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Letterpress Wedding Invitations: Heather + Malcolm

Heather and Malcolm received their Letterpress Wedding Invitations just last week and I was so excited for them to get it!  So, of course, it was only fitting for me to showcase it on the blog as well.  Heather contacted me in January of this year for their June wedding.  When she contacted me, she mentioned wanting a custom design that was classic and elegant.  They’re getting married in New York so we were able to incorporate some New York design elements into their suite.   The letterpress printing was done on our C&P on our Fluorescent White cardstock; 220# for the  invitations and 110# for the additional pieces.  Heather and Malcolm wanted a 1-color suite and wanted Teal as their main color.  I was really excited to print with this color since I think it’s just absolutely beautiful!  I mixed the ink myself and was very pleased with the overall print.  The details in the skyline and even the symbols for the events came out beautifully.  I really loved how letterpress felt!  I pressed the Letterpress Invitations as deeply as I could; without compromising the cardstock, of course.  This is part of why I love printing with the 220# cardstock.  I love pressing it deep to really showcase the beauty of letterpress!

The Letterpress Wedding Invitations


I was so excited for them to receive their Letterpress Wedding Invitations!

Heather asked me to ship it to her office in New York so I knew she’d see it before Malcolm.  When Malcolm finally saw it, he sent me this:

From: Malcolm Kates
Sent: Monday, March 17, 2014 3:51 PM
To: Elma Kosaka
Cc: Heather Johnston

Elma, they look AMAZING!! Thank you so much!

All caps for “amazing.”  That made me smile from ear to ear!

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Letterpress Invitations: Andrea + James

I wanted to congratulate the recent newlyweds, Andrea and James, on their wedding over this past weekend and express how honored I am to have been able to print their letterpress invitations.  They tied the knot at the beautiful Pelican Hill in Newport Beach, California on Saturday.  They really lucked out on the weather because it was just perfect here in California, but then again, when is it not?  🙂  I bet their wedding was beautiful and cannot wait to see the photos.

I started working with James in March of this year for their letterpress wedding invitations.  I was able to meet up with both him and Andrea to discuss design options, colors, etc, for the letterpress printing.  They liked the look of square invitations so we decided to go with that along with an RSVP postcard.  Working closely with them both, we opted for 2-colors on their  letterpress invitations and 1-color for the RSVP card.  For the design, they wanted to incorporate floral details in a beautiful lavender color that Andrea picked out with grey text and green edge paint.  I absolutely loved how the lavender floral details printed!

The Letterpress Invitations

letterpress invitations: Andrea + James

letterpress wedding invitations for Andrea and James

I was really excited for the green edge painting we did for the invitations.  It just gave it that extra pop of color that I absolutely loved.

The letterpress printing was done on our Chandler & Price using our Pearl White cardstock.

I met up with James to deliver the invitations and was sure glad to do so.  I wished Andrea was able to join so I could see her reaction (unfortunately she was stuck at work at the time), but luckily, she was sweet enough to send me an email expressing her excitement for them as well.  I’m glad they were both as pleased with the final product as I was.  Congratulations again to the newlyweds.  May your lives be filled with endless laughter and eternal happiness!


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Letterpress Invitations: Mia + Ryan

We recently had the honor of working on Mia and Ryan’s letterpress invitations.  They got married just a few short weeks ago at the beautiful Barndiva in Healdsburg, California.  Congratulations, newlyweds!!!

We got in touch with Mia through Christin Wilson of Christin Wilson Events in early July for their October wedding.  I met Christin previously at a good friend’s wedding in Temecula back in 2010.  Absolutely love the work she does!  Christin had worked with Mia initially and emailed me a few ideas of what Mia liked for inspiration.  She was interested in a custom letterpress design for her wedding invitations which I had so much fun working on!  Mia wanted something simple with a touch of “boehmian.”  Working closely with Mia, we came up with the below:

The Letterpress Invitations

Her wedding invitations were printed on our 220# Pearl White cardstock.  This was a 3-color print with gold edge paint.  The colors used for the invitations were gold, grey, and the antlers in blind.  Absolutely loved how deep we were able to press the antlers!

Letterpress Invitations: Mia and Ryan


Mia & Ryan's Custom Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Mia + Ryan's Invitations

Mia + Ryan Letterpress Printed Wedding Invitations

With this custom letterpress invitation, she was able to really personalize it and requested we put the following at the bottom of wedding invitations:

“The ceremony will be followed by dinner, drinks, and conversation (no f*ing dancing!)”  I absolutely loved this!  Mia was not afraid to step out of the box and definitely made this her own.  I’ve never had a request quite like this, but I’ll have to say, it was a breath of fresh air.  The additional pieces (RSVP and events card) was printed on our 110# cardstock.  The events card was a 2-color print: grey and gold while the RSVP card was 1-color: grey.  We also letterpress printed her return address on some pretty rad Kraft envelopes (not pictured).

I had such a blast working with Chrsitin and Mia on these wedding invitations.  Thanks for being so wonderful and congratulations again Mia and Ryan!

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