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Best Letterpress Business Card – American Psycho

I love printing letterpress business cards and I want my clients to feel like Paul Allen when they hand out their business cards and see Patrick Bateman’s expression.  🙂

American Psycho Business Card Scene



Happy Holidays!

I can’t believe the Holidays are right around the corner!  2011 has been a great year and it flew by so fast!

I love checking my mailbox during this time of the year.  So many fun holiday cards!  It’s like Christmas everyday — opening the cards is like opening presents each time I get something.  I get all giddy and tingly inside.

We recently printed some fun holiday cards for The Sheridans.  They wanted a “Christmas in California” feel to the cards so we actually took their pictures at Balboa Pier — beach in December…only in California, right?  This was a 3-color letterpress project with photo.  We printed the image on an inkjet printer onto coated cardstock.  We then ran it through our good ol’ Chandler and Price – first with transparency white, then red, and finally black for their name on top.

I love the Santa hats at the beach!


Paperleaf Media Business Cards

More business cards!  They’re so fun to print and fun to pass out.  Especially when they’re letterpress business cards.  I think it just has that wow factor that I just can’t get enough of.  Mmm!

This week we printed some cards for my fiance’s company, Paperleaf Media.  I love the design that Joe Klein put together for these cards.  It’s very clean and simple.  I guess the minimalist in me loves that about them.  These were cut to 2.25″ x 2.25″ and we were planning on cutting them down to size (2.125″  x 2.125″).  After finishing, I thought they actually looked better as 2.25″ x 2.25″ and they liked it as well.    Hooray!


Vintage Inspired Wedding Invitations: Vow Renewals

Vintage Inspired Letterpress Wedding Invitations: Vow Renewal

I LOVE getting Vow Renewal clients because it gives everyone getting married hope!  I also LOVE anything VINTAGE!  So, when we got this order for vintage inspired letterpress wedding invitation vow renewal…I was more than overly excited to print them.  Also, because they were letterpress wedding invitations – that got me even more thrilled since my own wedding is coming up in March 2012!  Oh, love is in the air…

The main letterpress invitation vow renewal was printed on 220# Crane Lettra Ecru, which gives it more of that vintage look and feel.  The accommodations and RSVP postcards were printed on 110# Crane Lettra Ecru, enclosed in matching Crane Lettra Ecru envelopes.  I thought the eggplant colored ink (Pantone 5115) went perfectly with the Ecru.  Match made in heaven.







Anne + Rich Photography’s Business Cards

Our latest project was for Anne + Rich Photography, a husband and wife team based out of Central New Jersey.  They were such a pleasure to work with!  Rich already had an idea of how he wanted their business cards to look like so we worked off of his design.  These were printed on 2×3.25″ Crane Lettra 220# and Pantone color matched.  Our first go on these didn’t turn out exactly the way we wanted so we actually reprinted them to meet our standards.  Second time around came out exactly how we wanted them to look: deeper pressed and better ink coverage.

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