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Letterpress Invitations: Auraleen + Clinton

I totally loved working with Auraleen and Clinton on their custom letterpress invitations!  Clinton e-mailed me in early January to begin the process.  Can I just say, I love early planners?  I like having the time to bounce ideas back and forth with the bride and groom and making sure all parties involved are 100% happy with the letterpress invitations.  It was also pretty random that after we began working together, I later found out that we had mutual friends in common.  Talk about a small world!

Auraleen and Clinton tied the knot in August of this year at the beautiful San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito, California.  For their invitations, they wanted to go for an elegant, yet simple look.  Clinton and I discussed some ideas and he mentioned wanting to incorporate birds and a bowtie into the design .  I was totally smitten with this idea!  For the letterpress printing, this was printed on our Chandler & Price on our fluorescent white 220# cardstock.  We decided to go with classic black text and a personalized monogram (including birds and the bowtie, of course).  We included a blind print outside the borders to give it more texture and detail.  I added a little bit of tint base to it to give it a bit more contrast against the fluorescent white paper.  The letterpress invitations were printed on the 220# cardstock and RSVP was on the 110# cardstock.

The Letterpress Invitations

Auraleen & Clinton's Letterpress Invitations

Auraleen & Clinton's Custom Letterpress Invitations

The letterpress printing came out great and I’m very pleased with the details of the blind impression

Auraleen & Clinton's Custom Letterpress Wedding Invitations

We also printed letterpress Thank You cards for them as well (not pictured).  We incorporated their birds logo with their monogram on the Thank You cards which I thought was just so adorable.

After we finished printing, I was able to meet up with Auraleen to deliver the letterpress invitations.  She was looking quite fabulous and fashionista-esque in her pearl necklace; I loved it!  Whenever it’s possible, I absolutely love meeting with the people I work with.  Not only to give a face to the name, but also to see their reaction when they are able to see and touch their final letterpress invitations.  To be able to witness the joy on their faces makes me so happy.  I sometimes wonder where I would be had I not been working with letterpress printing… Oh I remember, in a bland cubicle looking at numbers all day.

Please fee free to check out our letterpress invitations on our Facebook page that we’ve printed!


Letterpress Invitations: Gloria + Andrew

With our upcoming trip to Hawaii, it reminded me of these airline ticket inspired Letterpress Invitations we printed for Gloria and Andrew earlier this year.  They tied the knot on the beautiful island of Oahu at Dillingham Ranch, which is such an amazingly beautiful estate!  When Gloria initially reached out to us back in December of 2012, she had mentioned that she was interested in a “boarding pass/airline ticket” type invitation.  Working closely with her, we were able to come up with this design that we both fell in love with.  We decided to do her letterpress printing on our luxurious 110# cardstock in Fluorescent White.  It was printed on our Vandercook 4 and I’m so pleased with how it all turned out.  Gloria was incredible to work with and I’m so happy that I was able to help bring to life the wedding invitations that she had envisioned.  Without further ado, here they are:

Letterpress Invitations:

Gloria and Andrew's Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Gloria and Andrew's Letterpress Cards

Gloria and Andrew's Letterpress Invitations

She was even kind enough to send me a photo of how she wrapped everything together:

Not only were we able to print her Letterpress Invitations, we also printed her programs, menus, and escort cards.

Gloria and Andrew's Letterpress Wedding Invitations

To see more of their beautiful wedding photos by the very talented Rebecca Arthurs, check them out here.

I really appreciate getting feedback from everyone that I work with.  Gloria was kind enough to leave a great review for us on Yelp:

Elma is amazing!  She did our wedding invitations and was ridiculously responsive and they turned out amazing.  I came up with a basic idea and she designed a beautiful letterpress planeticket-inspired invite.  Also, her prices are very reasonable.  She updated me every step of the way and always responded to my emails within a day (sometimes within the hour!).  I highly recommend Elma for any letterpress job.  Thank you!!!

I always love a good challenge and this was our first airline ticket invitation design that we created from scratch and I love how the letterpress cards turned out!


Letterpress Invitations: Sarah + Phill

Hello, friends!  I apologize for not updating the blog as frequently.  We were on a little vacation, but we’re catching up with all the letterpress printing as we speak!

With their wedding fast approaching, I wanted to take some time to showcase the letterpress invitations for Sarah and Phill. He reached out to me in late May for their October 2013 wedding. Both he and his fiance, Sarah, were so great to work with! They were completely on the same page which made it so easy for me to get ideas going and come up with something they both loved. They wanted to go for a “simple and classic” design and below is what I came up with for them.

Sarah and Phill’s Custom Letterpress Wedding Invitations:

I had so much fun printing these on my Chandler & Price letterpress machine.  Working together with the Sarah and Phill, we decided to go with the double thick 220# cardstock for the invitation.  The letterpress printing we get on this cardstock is absolutely to die for!  You can see and feel the impression and I loved how the magenta color came out as well!  We printed their RSVP card on the thinner, 110# cardstock.  Their reply date happened to be on my birthday!

I love what I do, but it is the letters that I receive from my clients that make my passion even better!  Here is what Sarah and Phill had to say about their Letterpress Invitations:


From: Phill Gargiulo
Sent: Saturday, July 20, 2013 7:08 AM
To: Elma Kosaka

Hello Elma!

We received our invitations and RSVP cards yesterday and we are thrilled with the work you’ve done! Thank you so much, they are EXACTLY what we were hoping for and your note was beautiful and well received. You will have our recommendation forever and I’m sure we’ll be looking for reasons to use your services again.

Thank you again,

Phill and Sarah


I just finished taking a whole bunch of photos so keep an eye out for more recently printed letterpress invitations 🙂


What a wonderful day!

This is such a great way to start the day!


Letterpress Thank You Cards: Lauren and Matt

Lauren and Matt tied the knot early January of this year.  Lauren is a bride from Australia that I had the joy of working with her on her Letterpress Wedding Invitations back in 2012.  After she got married, she contacted me again and was interested in ordering Letterpress Thank You Cards.  I was excited to hear from her again and was eager to print them.  She mentioned that she had one of her wedding photos made into an illustration and wanted to include these in her Thank You Cards.  She e-mailed me the photo and I absolutely fell in love!  It’s not everyday that you see something so cool like that.  It looked so soft and romantic.  I loved every bit of it.  I got to thinking, that photo plus letterpress?  Oh boy, this was going to look great!  I’m so excited to share this with you.  Please enjoy!

Letterpress + Photo Thank You Cards

The Process: Photoshop + Inkjet Printing + Letterpress

I took her illustration that was emailed over as a jpeg into Photoshop and inkjet printed the images onto the cardstock.  After doing so, I oiled up my trusty ol’ C&P letterpress machine and started printing the blind peony image onto the illustration.  Then I inked that bad boy up with black ink and printed the text above the image.  The letterpress detail on the cardstock just tied everything altogether so nicely!  I loved running my fingers across the peonies.  The depth, the details, it all just felt right.  I also love how the illustration itself had so many little details as well; the different shades of green, the leaves.  Most importantly, I love how the letterpress card with the illustration perfectly captures the feeling that is shared between Lauren and Matt.

Congratulations again, newlyweds!  Thank you for allowing Simply Letterpressed to be a part of such a special moment in your lives.

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