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A Thank You

With technology now-a-day: e-mails, smart phones, etc, it’s very rare to get a handwritten note anymore. When I got the mail earlier this week, I was pleasantly surprised to find a handwritten letter addressed to me! I thought, “who can this be from?” Sure enough, upon opening the envelope, I found the cutest little personalized Thank You card from a recent bride that I worked with on her Letterpress Wedding Invitations (which will be posted up shortly as well). It melted my heart. I usually follow up with brides to make sure they receive the cards safely or they’ll usually e-mail me to tell me they’ve received it. I hadn’t heard from her so I actually e-mailed her before I got the mail for that day. Sure enough, after I emailed her and got the mail, I got this. This was even better! To read her genuine, sincere words made me so extremely happy. Thank you, Katy. You made my day!


French Letterpress Wedding Invitations: Pink and Lace

When Peggy and I first  spoke on the phone, she called me from France (which I thought was totally cool) and we just clicked right away.  When she got back to California, we met up at Starbucks to go over what she envisioned for her Letterpress Wedding Invitations.  She mentioned French and lace and I was sold!  I already had some ideas bouncing around in my head as we were speaking and I couldn’t wait to get started!  Of course when she said she wanted them printed in pink, I thought, “this girl is my best friend!”  Seriously, what more can you want when you think of a wedding in France?  Ah, totally smitten!

Her French Letterpress Wedding Invitations:

Of course I thought it was only fitting to print these on our Pearl White cardstock to give it more of that romantic, soft look to them.

The Letterpress Invitation Suite:

She was really so much fun to work with and I truly felt like I made a friend after it was all said and done.  I especially LOVE emails with wonderful feedback.  Here’s what Peggy had to say:

On Mon, Apr 29, 2013 at 11:49 AM, Peggy Ho wrote:

Elma, thank you so much for the beautiful invitations and all the time you put into them – and it was so awesome that you were able to get them done earlier than expected.  You are the best (:  I am happy that they are finished now but a little sad because it was my favorite part in this whole wedding planning mess haha.  Again, if you ever find yourself in Paris, please let me know – would love to meet up/have a coffee together.  Please keep in touch!!

Thank you, Peggy!  I would definitely love to meet you in Paris one day and have coffee.  That sounds ideal!

Happy wedding, my friend.




Denise + Mathew: Elegant Art Deco Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Have you ever had the pleasure of working with someone who you felt like you just clicked right away?  As if you were friends even before working together?  That’s how it was working with Denise on her Letterpress Wedding Invitations.  Her appreciation for paper goods and the art of Letterpress was an added bonus!  To share that same appreciation for something so beautiful was like being on cloud 9.

For her letterpress wedding invitations, we incorporated some beautiful scripts with some fun art deco fonts to help convey the 1920’s theme that she was going for.  We also added a fun border to some of the pieces to help with that as well.  With this design, I thought printing them on our 110# Pearl White cardstock would be perfect; giving them a soft, elegant look and feel to them to tie it all together nicely.

The Letterpress Wedding Invitations:

I had so much printing these and was so thrilled to send them to her.  She was so wonderful by e-mailing me back a few days after sending them out to her guests to tell me how much everyone loved them.  I was beaming with joy and the responses we received totally made me giddy and jumping with joy!


On Fri, Apr 26, 2013 at 5:54 PM, Denise Nazzal wrote:

Hi Elma!

I hope you’re doing well!  I wanted to send you a quick update on my end.

The invites FINALLY went out on Monday of this week.  I think I finally started sleeping again once they were in the mail!  🙂  I thought you might like to hear some of the responses I’ve gotten (verbatim!):

“Dude!! Your invitations look amazeballs! *swoon*”

“Dude, your wedding invitations are super nice! Omg letterpress!”

“Sophisticated, modern , yet a bit old fashion! So fun opening all the layers. This is going to be the social event of the summer! Your names both look so strong and artful written out.”

“Love the invitation!!!”

“Love it!!  Looks really lovely sweetie”

“Beautiful, well done!!”

Thank you again for everything, Elma!  I’m trying to think of excuses to work with you again and make amazing letterpress art!  🙂



Thank YOU, Denise!  Happy Wedding.  XOXO


Our Gatsby Inspired Letterpress Wedding Invitations are featured!

We’ve recently posted a blog post showcasing our Gatsby inspired Letterpress Wedding Invitations and I am so honored to announce they the wonderful folks at Green Wedding Shoes has also featured our work on their blog!  I can’t stress enough how wonderful it was to be a part of something so spectacular.  Thanks again to the wonderful team that made this all possible!

So, who else is going to see The Great Gatsby movie that’s opening next week?  You can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be there!


Letterpress Wedding Invitations with Purple Edge Paint

Is it just me or is 2013 flying by fast?  Amazing how fast time flies by.  I’m a little bummed that my husband and I don’t have any weddings to attend in 2013.    One year we had 5 weddings to attend all in the same month!  I love weddings!  The food, the atmosphere, an excuse to get dolled up, and seeing another couple celebrate their love.

We worked with Kimberly  back in October of 2012 on her Letterpress Wedding Invitations.  In honor of her upcoming wedding, I wanted to showcase them.    She’s getting married at the Trump National Golf Club which is a beautiful venue located in Los Angeles, California.  My brother-in-law actually got married here back in July of 2007 and this place is just breathtaking!  Her Letterpress Invitations were printed on our thick 220# Fluorescent White cardstock which I  loved because we were able press it pretty deep, showcasing the awesomeness of letterpress!  Not only that, but we were also able to edge paint it with this beautiful purple color which came out so beautifully!

The Invitations

The Edge Paint

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